At Synthesio, we use Elasticsearch quite a bit. Or a whole lot, actually. As of today, we have a dozen clusters deployed on about 360 machines. The biggest of those clusters, the aptly named Blackhole, has (almost) a hundred nodes and stores more than a quarter of a petabyte of data.

I bought those headphones about 10 years ago, and used them almost everyday with great enjoyment. But recently the right earcup started malfunctioning: it was intermittently becoming silent when the cable was being twisted just a little bit. Evidently the cable was fraying internally and causing this problem.

Instead of buying a brand new pair of headphones (probably the exact same model!) I decided to fix the cable. …

I own a Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera, along with a Godox TT600 flash and a Godox XPro-F radio trigger.

I dabble in dance photography, which requires very precise timings of the shutter release to catch the apex of jumps or things like that. With some practice though, it becomes easier to nail the shot most of the time.

However, I noticed that when I used the Godox flash and trigger, I often missed the shot. …

Hugo Chargois

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